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Following the recent tragedy in Sydney, Molli (from mollisparkles.com) has decided to make quilts for the families of the victims.

The quilts will be made entirely out of hashtag blocks, sized 5.5″ (unfinished). A minimum of 1080 blocks are needed, so let’s get to work!

A tutorial for the block is here; even for me, a slow quilter, the block did not take but 20 min to make! The background should be white, and the hashtag should be (or read as) a solid.

You can send completed blocks to Molli directly (Australia) or, to save some on postage, you can send them to me.  I will then package all of them and send them on.

This project is of course time sensitive; I am asking that all blocks be mailed to me by December 31st.

if you decide to participate, email me at irene-grimes@hotmail.com for my address or clock here for Molli’s FAQ on the project.