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I like this block: I like the fabric I chose, I like the way it looks, I like the way it turned out – I just like it!

This is not to say that it was not complicated to make. After “studying” it for a while, I decided to photocopy it and cut off the four corner sections. Those four sections were paper pieced; ordinarily an easy undertaking but I had to, you guessed it, fussy cut the striped, directional focus fabric.

The center was assembled by first cutting a square with the stripes running vertically and the photocopy of the center section laying on top of the fabric. I traced the quarter circles into freezer paper, ironed them onto the background fabric and cut them out with an exact 1/4″ seam allowance all the way around. That way, when I laid them onto the focus fabric square, they fit perfectly into the corners.

I basted the pieces in place with the quarter circles laying right side up in the right side of the square.


Two tips here: baste in the seam allowance area (easy to remove later and not visible in the finished block) and turn under the corners of the quarter circles as seen on the photo. Then, I attached the four paper pieced corner sections.


At this point I removed the paper from the front of the center section, as well as from the back of the corner sections. Then, I finished the quarter circles by needle turn applique…Before putting in the last couple of stitches on each quarter circle, I removed the freezer paper – all except for one that is…so for that one, I had to make a little “incision” from the back, in order to get the freezer paper out!


Block J3 – done!! 17 pieces….