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I spend a lot of time planning the “big” meals (Thanksgiving and Christmas). this means that usually, what we eat the day before becomes an afterthought (at best). This year, I decided to make something light but good for us to eat throughout the day before.

I had bought a huge bag of fresh broccoli the day before and so I knew whatever I cooked had to incorporate broccoli. I found a great recipe for broccoli quiche – quick, easy and very tasty!


The recipe is from “Clean Eats, Fast Feets” – she has managed to “clean up” and “lighten up” the recipe but not loose any of the flavor…

BHE liked it, but lamented the fact that there was no bacon or sausage or any of the “really good stuff” (his words) in there. I love it just the way it is; no bacon or sausage, lots of broccoli and just enough cheese to add flavor but not overwhelm. Also, she replaced the cream with milk which seriously cuts the fat!

The absolutely only thing I would change: I would add a bit more onion, but that is just my personal preference because I loooove sauteed onion.

I also made Brandied Cranberry Meringue Pie. This recipe came from a holiday baking competition on the Food Network. I loved the personality of the baker, and the pie looked intriguing. After trying it, I know this will be a staple for us from now on! It is fa-bu-lous!


I wish I had a photo of it cut – the intense red of the cranberries and the pure white of the meringue next to each other are impressive.

And so we ate quiche and pie yesterday, instead of hurriedly thrown together sandwiches or soup out of a can. This will definitely become a tradition for us for the busy day before the big day!