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I have been working on this for a while and now it is done!


First, let me say that the “line” you see running through the right side of the piece is a shadow (my photography is not great, I know).

I put the sleeve and the binding on last week; I debated the binding for quite a while. I considered doing an “invisible” binding, where I would match the binding to the fabric of the quilt exactly section by section, or a brown binding that would “frame” the landscape. Since this wall quilt will hang on our living room wall, above the TV and very high (the wall is approx 20′), I decided in the frame…I think with the invisible option, the whole piece would get lost on that wall.

I finished the quilting by attempting to put a bit of texture in several areas. Here is a sample of the roof:


In the steeple I tried to enhance the “texture” already provided by the fabric.


In the river, I added tulle – I bought several shades of blue all of which were an epic failure), a couple of white pieces (also a no-go) and on a fluke, a piece of light grey. The light grey one did the trick! I laid it over the river and then (carefully) quilted over it. The grey dims and unifies the intensity of the blues, and the tulle has just enough shimmer, so that it looks sun-kissed from a bit of a distance…


When I took the quilt off the frame, I tackled the windows – I wanted them to look old(ish) but still church-like. I used some gold metallic thread and hand stitched over the honeycomb pattern in the batik fabric I had used to resemble stained glass windows.


Finally, I had used a small floral in part of the quilt. In an attempt to put a bit more emphasis on the floral “hedge”, I added some tiny crystal beads to the centers of some of the flowers. This way, when it hangs on the wall, some of the light will reflect off from them.


And finally, here is another photo of the sheep – I really like that sheep!



The only thing left to do now, is complete the entry form for the Savannah Quilt Show …. Let’s hope for the best! (that not necessarily being a ribbon, but just a decent review from the judges).

And again a big “thank you” to Janeen (Quilt Art Designs) where the pattern came from.