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Somewhere along the way, some of my friends became convinced I like small stuff (in terms of quilting)…

I will admit that I have probably contributed to that belief in a variety of ways.

Last week, Janeen from Quilt Art Designs published what she calls a bitty block (a miniature), measuring 4″ (10 cm). Well, I took that as some sort of hint to prove all those that think I live to make things as small as possible, right.

I printed out the pattern (it is available for free on Janeen’s website) – I realized later, that my printer had printed the pattern at 75% of it’s original size, which would make the block 3″ (7.5 cm). On purpose (and because I am crazy that way), I also printed the pattern at 50% of it’s original size – 2″ (5 cm)!!

On her website, Janeen says that the block took her less than one half hour to make; that is why she is the Queen of Paper Piecing in my book. It took me much, much, much longer….

I made the smaller block first (2″/5cm) in blue tones with a yellow background:


Then I tackled the “large” one, the one that is a whole inch larger!


And here is a photo of both blocks:


I used yellow as a background in both, and a deep plum for the quill and rachis. All of the fabrics for these blocks came from my scrap bin.

There will be a finished piece that will (eventually) result from these blocks – so, stay tuned!