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Recently, I showed you a “bitty block” that Janeen (Quilt Art Designs) designed and also my inkwell and parchment block.

You may remember that I made the bitty block twice – once reduced to 75% of it’s original (4″) size and once reduced to 50%….I also made the inkwell and parchment block in it’s original 4″ size. Then I added a couple of strips to the top and bottom to make the block a bit longer. I assembled the three pieces and used black textured fabric for the background. The two striped strips were assembled by scraps from the blocks and honestly, were a pain to assemble (each individual piece is less than 1/4″ wide).

I have done some quilting on it but the quilting is in no way done. And as you can see, the binding is not done either. I am also planning on adding something to the parchment (a quote or a saying).


I am considering adding something (don’t know what) to the right side of the piece; to balance it out a bit…have not decided on that yet.

More to come!