Longarm Quilting Services (& photos)

Pictured below are some of my customers’ quilts. I am a Long Armer, specializing in timely turn-around! This means that I do not have a lengthy waiting list, and as a rule no one has to wait longer than 4 weeks for their quilt (there are some exceptions).

Please contact me if you wish to engage my services in the Fayetteville, NC (and surrounding counties) area.  Your mailed quilts are also welcome.

Prices are competitive and references are available (more information on pricing can be found below the gallery).

On pricing:

Prices start at $0.02 per square inch.  As an example, a quilt measuring 40″ x 60″ would cost $48.00 to quilt (40 * 60 * .02 = 48.00).

Most quilts can be quilted at this rate; custom quilting is available and prices will be determined after consultation with the owner of the quilt.

Additional Information:

  • You may provide your own batting, or you may purchase batting from me.  I use Warm & Natural (all cotton) or Hobbs Heirloom (80/20 or 70/30 blend), and it is priced at time of purchase.
  • I ask that your batting as well as your backing are slightly larger than your top.  This makes it a lot easier to mount the quilt on the machine and greatly aids in smooth and consistent quilting.
  • There are no additional charges for thread or any “hidden” charges or fees of any kind.  I accept checks or cash at this time.

I am excited about about quilting and believe that each and every quilt deserves individual attention and care!


Irene Grimes – email: irene-grimes@hotmail.com

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