Dear Jane Quilt

One of the quilts I am working on, is called a “Dear Jane” quilt. It is a reproduction of a quilt that was created by a woman named Jane Stickle in 1863.

There is a book out that includes all the patterns for the quilt but no instructions!.  The book was authored by Brenda Papadakis in 1991 (?).

The quilt 169 blocks in the center (they are designated blocks A1 through M13).  There are also 4 corner blocks and 52 triangles on the perimeter for a total of 225 blocks.

There is a website with a plethora of information and lots of tips on how to complete the various blocks:

I started my quilt on June 1st, 2013; I will be posting photos of my progress here regularly.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention: the original quilt is stored in The Bennington Museum, in Bennington, VT.  Because of its age, it is only displayed one month per year (I believe in September).

Please NOTE: All the blocks seen below are “raw” (not trimmed, intentionally left with a bit “extra” around the edges)

5 thoughts on “Dear Jane Quilt”

  1. Bernice Park said:

    Am about to embark on my own “Dear Jane” quilt. Thankyou for sharing your photos of blocks. Very inspiring. I am viewing this as a long term project. I’m sure I will find it enjoyable. Bernice


  2. My New Year’s resolution, get moving on my Dear Jane. I decided that last go around the fabric was part of the problem and have switched all over to batiks. How are people storing their blocks? I don’t want to slug three-ring binders around.


  3. This is great! I’ve been wanting to try this quilt too! How did you pick your colors? Are you just using scraps? I love the fussy cutting I think I see on some of the blocks.


    • Honestly, I picked the colors based on a photograph of the original Dear Jane quilt. I tried to emulate as closely as possible by choosing the same (or almost same) colors, as well as similar designs within the fabric….
      I only bought 6″ of each fabric (when I could not just buy a FQ). There is definitely enough fabric left to make an other quilt with the left overs. And yes, I fussy cut a LOT!!

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