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As promised a few days ago, this is the post about the wedding cake at my cousins wedding, weekend before last. And that cake deserves it’s own post!

Whether you are talking about appearance, taste or any other criteria, it was a HUGE success.

As you can see, the cake had three tiers, covered by white fondant. It was simply, but very elegantly decorated. Instead of a bride and groom cake topper, it featured a statue of the wedding couple in their online World of Warcraft personas.
The bottom tier (the largest), was as previously mentioned, covered in white fondant. Generally, I am not a big fan of fondant, as I find the flavor mostly un appealing and the texture strange. Not here – this one was really good!

The bottom of the tier was trimmed I teal colored icing, coordinating with the overall theme color of the wedding. The front of this tier featured a skyline silhouette of Vienna, the city the couple lives in.

The middle tier looked exactly like the one below, with two exceptions. it was slightly smaller and featured a different skyline: that of Frankfurt. the bride is from a small town near Frankfurt.

The top tier, the smallest one, had the skyline if Singapore on it. The couple explained that that is where they had spent their first and only vacation together.


The flavors if the cake were just as impressive as it’s appearance. One of the tiers was chocolate with raspberry. The chocolate cake was light, flavorful and had just the right amount if sweetness. It had a thin layer of raspberry preserve filling. It was also very flavorful and complimented the cake wonderfully.

The second layer was poppy seed. Yellow cake with a poppy seed, whipped cream filling. Again, the cake was light, not too sweet and and provided a solid base for the poppy seed filling.

The third layer was Rafaello (Rafaello is a coconut almond candy; in the U.S. It can be found at a lot of checkout stands). This layer was my favorite! I am a big fan of creamy fillings in cakes and this one was very, very successful.

Overall, in my view the cake succeeded because of several decisions the couple made. Keeping the design simple made it extremely effective; the fact that you could taste each flavor separately, and that they were so complementary to each other made it phenomenal. If artificial flavoring a were used in this cake, I was not able to taste them …..

I don’t know who the baker/bakery was that made this cake, but I’d love to! (Maybe I’ll put one of their cakes on my Christmas list and maybe, just maybe BHE would be willing to pay for one to be shipped here!)